This year has been a horror show for me. Every time things are looking kind-of-sort-of OK, another major disaster hits.

Early on, the first night in fact, my friend Jackie was dealing with roommate issues that was causing her a great deal of stress. But that’s just passive stress for me. I try to absorb it from others.

Then in March, Lita got brutally murdered by her roommate. This really, really affected me. It still does and not really a day goes by without thinking of her.

In June my house got broken into. I then spent the next month hardening the defenses around my home. The overwhelming lack of security in my house is also really hard to get over; more ambient stress for this.

Then a few weeks ago I was involved in an accident on my motorcycle. My primary means of transportation suddenly was taken from me. Then to boot I was hurt as well. My wrist has been minorly hurting ever since. It’s slowly getting better but it’s still yet another thing that throws in a monkey wrench into the works.

I’ve not been sleeping.

I’ve just been slaving away, trying my hardest, and I just keep not being able to come up for air.

I need a break, but no break seems to be coming.