Life has inertia. Even though you may be unhappy with the place that you’re at in life doesn’t mean that you have enough energy to simply go out and make your life better in whatever dimensions are important to you. Most people are creatures of habit, and those habits and everything around you tend to keep you in the place that you’re in.

Sometimes you need a forcing function to get you to move.

When I got a job at Amazon that was a forcing function to leave Cleveland. That was chasing an ideal that I think, in hindsight, was nothing more than a mirage. A financially beneficial move to be certain, but a move that has been causing me pain since almost the beginning.

Today I got a forcing function. Nothing huge, but it’s concrete and has some weight.

I’ve been open with being unhappy here, but I have certain things and people that tie me to this place.

I think that the wheels have been set in motion to figure out the next steps in a very concrete way.

One of those things is getting the house in a better position to sell.

I need to refinish the floor of the family room and redo some of the paint around the windows on the front of our house.

I need to visit a few places to get a feel for what they’re like outside of looking at Zillow and Redfin.

Today has been tough.

Today is also a new beginning.