I’ve often attributed a lot of what I’ve achieved to luck.

But in many ways as I’m thinking about it I’m not really that sure.

Of course some things are a bit out of my control — at least in terms of having an opportunity present itself. But I think that I’ve really had a lot of stuff out there that wasn’t luck in the least, it was just a lot of hard work.

I’ve done serious work on houses and motorcycles and cars. I’ve built a custom deck on my last house (multi-level, fully up to code with permits and everything, hot tub embedded in it). I’ve taken some welding classes. I’ve photographed weddings and events professionally. I’ve taught at a community college. I can make electronics stuff. I’m making a grand or so a year on YouTube every year. I have a plan for the slide scanning thing that I keep working on. I’ve done some woodworking, and that seems to be a direction that’s resonating with me.

None of that is luck at all.

It’s a lot of work and perseverance to make all that happen.

Me buying a house here in Seattle in 2012, well that was probably luck. I thought it was overpriced when we got it back then… but it’s done nothing except keep going up and up in price. Timing a market: that’s luck.

So here I am at the brink of a new adventure. How much of what I have is attributable to luck? And what portion is just, well, me?