So, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be moving to Nashville, a city I’ve not yet set foot in.


Well, first I think I need to explain about Seattle. I’m in a pickle here… I hate the city as it is right now. The city is a perfectly cromulent city and it’s in an absolutely gorgeous setting. The underlying problems are manyfold. My house is too small for my needs (things like a garage, workshop, etc), and there’s no way I can possibly afford something that would be better suited to my needs. Second, and just as important, is that the city’s politics is just plain toxic; it’s just a shit-show of everyone trying to out-progressive each other while not actually solving the problems that we have.

So… Nashville?

It’s a city that has a thriving arts scene, it’s not nearly as big as Seattle, and the houses are far more affordable than here. A bonus is that it’s an eight-hour drive to visit my mom and En’s folks. It’s a real city, much like Seattle, but it’s in a more conservative area overall, so it doesn’t have the problems that Seattle is presently having. It’s cheaper there, like I said, so I can take the gains I’ve had in my house here in Seattle and basically buy a house out there for cash. No mortgage.

And that house will have enough room for me to work.

I have a set of side projects that I’ve not been able to work on since I’ve been using all my good energy working for others. I might be semi-retiring assuming I can get some of my ideas working.

And since it’s a real city, if I need to get a job after a while I can certainly get something after a mental reboot.