We have a janky cabinet in the bathroom that we got for cheap. Maybe $10 used.

Over time the top was developing blisters as the craptastic MDF it was built from. It had a few thousandths of some white coating that was crap. Once water went under that, the underlying substrate expanded and cracked the coating, which did nothing but accelerate the degradation.

I already had the Festool RO-150 out, so I decided to attack it with increasing grits of sandpaper. The P50 took off the coating with no muss or fuss. I incremented the grades to 220, then primed a couple of times.

P320 in between a couple of coats of paint… like butter.

Not that this will likely stay with the house or anything… but still. until we leave, it’s it better shape than ever.

And way more durable!