I had an interesting talk with my brother tonight… about plumbing of all things.

So many things in life are knowing when you need to apply finesse to something versus when you just need to go all caveman on the problem and simply overpower the problems.

There is no secret decoder ring that will let you know the difference though.

Some things seem like they would require force, but no amount of force will properly solve the problem at hand. A good example of this is changing tires. No, not the wheel and tire assembly, but changing the tire on a wheel’s rim. It’s something that you would think needs a lot of force, but if you use force to muscle the tire onto the rim, you’re going to break something. I’ll write up something about why that is later… but you can’t simply force a wheel on.

Some things you think would need finesse, but you simply need force. Like if you’re taking off a faucet that’s destined for the scrap bin, there is no reason to try to be dainty with it. Just remove it without damaging anything else. Even if it calls for grinding parts of it away.

And it’s so hard to tell which is which.

Which is why you need to learn to tell the two apart.