2018 was, by far, the shittiest year thus far for me. It can’t end soon enough.

My friend Lita Byrnes was brutally murdered in her own home.

My house was broken into and the engagement ring I got En was stolen (among other things).

I was involved in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t my fault (and the bike is still in the shop).

My work is, essentially, going away.

This year was shit.

As I’m writing this, there are helicopters circling just a dozen blocks north of me because there was a shooting.

It just feels like nothing is going well.

There have been some high points though. I had a great weekend on the Oregon coast with Jackie (this was a side-effect of the job thing mentioned earlier). I made some progress on the slide scanning thingy I’m making. I got over $1000 on YouTube this year.

The biggest win, by far, in my mind is this year has acted like the world’s best forcing function. We’re talking to a realtor in Nashville to move there. We have a realtor here in Seattle. The HELOC we applied for seems to be on its way to getting approved. All of the pieces of the puzzle are lining up to make this move happen in a good way.

So, to end this on a note that’s different from 2018 — 2019 is lining up to be maybe one of the best years so far.