Last week while working out in the morning I got a spam phone call from God only knows where. It was one of those calls where they want to consolidate your debt, including things like student loans and crap.

I had to convince the caller that I didn’t have anything outside of my present mortgage. And it’s the God’s honest truth too. She eventually hung up, dejected.

Then today while eating dinner at the Wing Dome just down the street from me I had another thought: that in a few months time I will be living 100% debt free. (disclaimer: I don’t count credit cards that get paid off every month as debt; credit cards are a financial vehicle that comes with other benefits as well) In a few months I’ll have the deed to a house in my hand. The title to my car and motorcycle. No debt. No loans.


I can’t tell you how lucky (or blessed if that’s your term) I’m feeling for having this opportunity.