Sanded and primed side gate

The gate next to my house was looking a bit ratty… and this is one of the things that we need to fix prior to selling the house. It’s something that is easily seen from the street and it wasn’t looking good.

At around 3:45 or so, with just an hour of daylight left, I decided to just go out and do a quick round of sanding to get off all of the loose paint. You can see the gear I was using there as well, a pair of Festool sanders and the CT36 dust collector.

I got it done in around half an hour and at this point I decided to slap on the primer that I need for it.

That was done in another 20 minutes.

Everything was all put away before the sun went down.

Just having the right tools makes everything so much easier. It’s pretty amazing. It’s obvious, of course… but it’s something that I was rarely experiencing up until recently.