One of the things that is often said in Amazon that it’s always “Day One.”

The intent is to never forget that underlying it all, Amazon always wants to feel like a startup. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing I’ll leave to another day.

The last time I left a job was when I quit from where I was working in Cleveland, having been hired by Amazon. I took a month off to settle my affairs and get the house ready to sell. But underlying it all was the knowledge that I did have a job waiting on the other side of the country.

Yesterday I was an employee of the aforementioned company.

Today I’m not.

I’m writing this probably at 36,000 feet above sea level on the way to another city… another city to try to buy a house and leave Seattle. This time I don’t have a job waiting on the other end. And truth be told I might not really need a job in the conventional sense.

For all the talk about “Day One” at Amazon, this is the first time that phrase is really resonating with me. It’s more than a startup, it’s the sensation of simultaneously being free, afraid, hopeful, and a whole host of other emotions all rolled into one.

This feels like Day One in such a profound way right now.

And I think the biggest feeling is that of excitement.