En and I saw seven houses today… and now we’re just beat.

The first two had the most promise of all of them.

The first one is a duplex that might work nicely, and possibly provide a bit of rental income as well. But it also needed a bit of work to make it something that would really work for us long-term. It was a nice house with a lot of space regardless though.

The second one was the highlight of the trip thus far! A big (nominally) four bedroom with an awesome garage and workshop area. It had tons of storage and has around five acres of land. And a barn. And a garden. It technically has five bedrooms, but one can’t count based on the septic system’s capacity. So four it is.

The rest were mostly a collection of let-downs.

The last one smelled of methyl mercaptan — the smell that’s added to natural gas to make it stinky.

At least we didn’t blow up. :-)