I’ve often pondered the idea of making a movie. In many ways I’m kind of happy that I don’t have a movie in me that I’ve yet been able to discern.

But that said, if I did have a movie, we’ve gotten to the point where someone really could make a cinema-grade (at least from a purely technical perspective) motion picture on a budget.

You can get all of the production equipment for under $10,000 easily.

That sounds like a lot of money, but fundamentally it’s nothing in comparison to even the near past, let alone 30 years or more ago.

That ten grand would pick up a 4k camera (like a Panasonic GH5, for instance), a few lenses, a few lights, and a computer that’ll let you put together the movie. And remember that episodes 1-3 of Star Wars was only 1080p; this is shooting 4k.

10 years ago that setup would’ve been $20-50,000, and you wouldn’t be shooting 4k with that.

30 years ago, you didn’t even own the equipment; everything was a rental. And film was a lot more precious resource than hard drives and media is, and one-time-use to boot.

Maybe I should find a movie?