In around two weeks time the window opens for the moving company to pick up my bike.

Rewind back a while to when I had my crash on October 6th of 2018. There was substantial damage from the wreck and it was going to get paid for by insurance. I also have some high-end socks on the bike and Öhlins recommends going around 24,000 miles between rebuilds. I figured while it’s in the shop, they can send off the shocks for a rebuild. It’s typically a few day process and costs around $500.

It’s February 23rd as I’m writing this. The crash damage has been fixed back since the middle of November. The shocks were sent to the suspension shop of the shop that was working on the bike.

They are still not done. It’s been around a week or two until they get the job done for the past three months.

Not only that, but they, either my shop or the suspension shop, are lying. They claim to have found some botched repair that someone tried to fix with JB-Weld.

My shocks came from Öhlins North America. They are a high-end performance and racing supplier. They wouldn’t ship out crap work. I still have the original box with the original shipping label attached to prove it came from their North American headquarters.

My belief is that the suspension shop broke them and is trying to buy time for them to fix them. I don’t think they can fix them.

I’m done with waiting for another week or two. I can’t wait for another week or two.

I have the original shocks that the shop can reinstall… but then my $3075.00 shocks aren’t on there. That does not leave me whole at all.

I’m willing to take my bike back if they refund me the purchase price of new shocks.

Alternately, I’m willing to pay the full repair cost (less shock repairs since those are not done) and refer the matter to an attorney. If it goes in that direction, my request would be to have the price of new shocks, plus cost to install them, plus loss-of-use of my vehicle (i.e. since it’s my primary transportation in Seattle I’ve been using Uber and Lyft to get around in many cases), plus legal costs.

They’ll call me Monday they claim.

I’ll be in talking to them on Tuesday (when they are officially open) if they don’t.