Just after eating lunch today and when I was chilling with my kitty Jack we heard a “thunk” from the dining room.

En looked out the window and there was a bird under the dining room window on it’s back. Eyes open and panting. It was right behind one of the heat pumps. (yes, we have two)

I went out to see what’s up. If it was obviously dying I would have to man up and put it down in the name of being humane; I was hoping that wasn’t the case.

The poor little guy let me right him and he settled into a a little bird-loaf. He was aware enough and not bleeding or anything — just panting. He let me pick him up as I gently reached down and cradled him in my hands. He was so light and warm in the sunshine.

I walked him over to the woods and set him down in the scrub just past where the woods start.

When I went back an hour or so later he was gone. I don’t think there were any predators lurking around just past noon. I think he just got a mighty smack and had to regroup a bit.

Poor little guy.

I looked him up later and he’s a red-bellied woodpecker.

I hope he just shook it off.