When you’re on a 5-acre plot of land you need a tractor to get on with all of the stuff that you need to keep up the land. Hell, we already had our neighbor Michael ask about the yard. It’s something that needed to get contained.

Just down the road a bit (ok, an hour on the highway) at the Tractor Town… like Funky Town, except different.

They had a trade-in tractor, a Kubota BX2670. It’s a 2015 model, but isn’t take far off from the latest BX2680 model. It only has 800 hours on the clock and it had a pretty decent price. Just under $8000 for the tractor and mowing deck. We also added on a box-blade attachment and the loader.

We even will get free delivery of it. 😆

And they even threw in a trucker hat. Because I need to have one of those too when I’m mowing the lawn.

Preferably with a light beer in the cup holder. It’s only right.