Yesterday I set up the workbench. Today I emptied a bunch of boxes into it and the neighboring shelf I installed today.

Honestly, today is the first day that I’m feeling a bit at home. I stared at the setup a couple of times today and just smiled. Tools are in place. Supplies are in place. Things are where the ought to be.

The house in Seattle was a right mess. I’m realizing the source of that was that things didn’t have a place. Here they do.

It’s not completely set up yet, but already I’m just looking at the thing and being content with the thing.

Here’s a strange thing. I went down to place something that was upstairs into the right spot (because now there is one) and just looked at the setup. I just felt calm. I’ve never felt just this overwhelming sense of “this is good” with a workshop before. I just stared at it. And smiled.

Life is pretty good.