This is the back half of the frame of one of the benches that I’ll be building in my office. Each one is going to be around 32-inches deep. This one will be a full 8-feet wide. The one that’ll abut on the back/right wall will be a little bit shorter since I don’t want it to interfere with the window.

Yes, I’ve made a few mistakes in the build… you learn from your mistakes. For instance, I took the tip off an aluminum fence on my table. Oops. Some of the cuts are vaguely out-of-square by a fraction of a degree. In this case that would not be a problem at all.

But it’s all a process of learning.

I have all of the parts cut out and ready to go. The production stop on my table is a god-send. It made banging out a lot of the same pieces super-easy. I love it.

Tomorrow I’m looking to get the rest of it framed up and get the shelf and top sized up. I’ll go ahead and finish-sand the top and stain it as well. Since I’m going to be using this on a daily basis I want to make sure what I’m using will even feel good.