Yesterday I started building one of my workbenches. I made up a set of plans for it and started to cut…

I started to put it together today and realized that I needed to made a few changes. Specifically on the lower shelf I don’t think that I would have been able to slide in a shelf that had to go around the legs (with appropriate cutouts for the legs of course). So instead of making the shelf supports outboard of the legs, I decided to make them inboard.

Another modification I did was to make the upper supports mitered. I think it makes it look a bit more finished.

The one thing that I did mess up on a bit was the lower crossmember that has the markings on the outside. Oops. Oh well… I’m not taking things apart now.

All told though, I think it’s working rather well! I’ve emptied most of the boxes from my office (and elsewhere in the house as well) onto this first bench.

And the pieces I cut that I didn’t use yet because of the game-time decision… those will be used on the other, slightly shorter, bench that’ll go to the right of this one on the perpendicular wall.

I think I’ll make up a more proper set of plans in case someone wants to build something like this as well.

Overall though… I just have SO MUCH SPACE! It’s AMAZING!