Next to my barn there was a hole left by the previous occupants of my house…

Sorry about the hole! That was the product of my boys wanting to expend some energy so we told them if they wanted to dig, they had to do it somewhere out of sight.  They were planning on a whole underground house with rooms, but that’s as far as they got. 😂

So yeah, a hole. It was around two-and-a-half feet deep (impressive for some kids) and it was an all-around fall hazard. It needed to get remedied.

Today I filled that hole with my front-end loader!

I now have a brand new appreciation for the folks whop drive the big earthmovers. This was way more challenging that I was expecting. I didn’t die, obviously, but it felt way more precarious than I was thinking it would. It also takes a lot more finesse that I figured.

But in the end, the hole is no more.