The guts of the toilets in my house are a bit questionable. They basically all have the habit of running and leaking and all sorts of problems that toilets should not have.

No problem. Run to the Home Depot and get three sets of toilet guts. (I also got a flange kit for the upstairs toilet which has a habit of rocking back and forth, but that’s for another day)

Toilette one: turn off water and swap guts. Easy peasy.

Toilette two: turn off water. Oh wait, the water isn’t turning off and now the valve is leaking. Oh look, there isn’t a water shut-off in the house.


I know where the water shut off at the street is, but I’ve never done that before and I’m a bit hesitant to do that.

Time to call an actual plumber.

At least the plumbers in Nashville are a bit cheaper. Same day service to replace the faulty valve as well as to install a water shutoff in the house for under $400. Honestly I was expecting a bit more.

At least now if (when?) another valve fails I can just turn off the water and fix it myself knowing that I’m not going to mess anything up that the city is going to care about.