I didn’t write about this because it was too close to home. Yesterday a crane that was as Fairview and Mercer in Seattle broke. It was being taken down after completing it’s task building the new building for Google.

It was basically across the street from the building I was in at Amazon.

Not just that, but three of the four buildings I was at when I was working for Amazon was within around two blocks from it.

I’ve walked that intersection many hundreds of times.

And now four people have died right there.

Two ironworkers and two people who were doing nothing but driving by.

I look at this as a supreme failure of all of the safety standards that ought to apply to all things construction. Yes, there was wind that kicked up unexpectedly. But to have chunks on crane suspended above innocent people is unconscionable. The new building wasn’t open yet; let the pieces fall there.

The pictures I saw from there just hit me hard.

It was my hood.

Now people died right there.