This is more of a “huh, I never thought I would be talking about this” type of topic for me.

So yeah, I have a tractor. And it’s been mowing the lawn like a champ.

But last weekend the box blade arrived. But the top link of the three-point hitch wasn’t included. So Tractor Town sent over a cat-1 top link… but it was too long.

So now I have had to source a shorter top link.

I have a small tractor. Basically, as the name implies, there are three points where the tractor touches the implement, the box blade in this case. You have to two lifting arms on the bottom and on the top you have the appropriately named top link.

So now I’m just waiting for one to show up because the local Tractor Supply and they didn’t have one that would work… the cat-0 they had wouldn’t fit…

So I guess I have to wait until next week to regrade my driveway.