More of the farm stuff today. The driveway was getting a hump in the middle for most of its length, and as it curled around the house the hump became huge. I really do wish I got a picture of the before picture, but suffice to say I was getting worried that the Subaru Outback would start to drag the undercarriage on it.

Last week the box-blade showed up… it was lacking the top link though.

Today the link showed up. Though it needed a bit of work to get it to fit.

Then I fixed the driveway!

This is the chunk that would have been mostly unpassable with your average sports car. Now: it’s almost flat!

I need maybe a dozen yards of gravel to dress everything correctly, but at least the base has been set.

Honestly I’m surprised that the previous owners have neglected this so much.

But at least I can fix things here myself now!