I remember back in Mr. Quail’s classroom we had set up wave tables to show how waves worked. Shocking, I know.

It was to demonstrate a bunch of things with water that happen to work just about the same way with waves of other sorts, like light.

I started to mess around with a few motors to automate the process of making waves, but after wasting a bit of time I decided to just do it the old fashioned way: manually.

Manually, but still with a gadget. Because I can.

Behold the water pokey thing attached to a pyrex baking dish.

A few measurements with a set of calipers, a bit of modeling in Fusion 360, a few feet of filament from the 3D printer and I have something that I can use to make repeatable waves in said baking dish!

This right here is how I’m going to start to demonstrate how diffraction works!