At the dealer

I was writing yesterday about the truck I was going to buy. The one that I was going to buy was already sold yesterday.

But then I found another one in Memphis.

I rode Matilda out there and I agreed to buy the truck. Next up… getting it home.

At first I was just to ride back home and bring out the Subaru with Ennie with me and then drive them all back home.

Then Mark suggested that I load up Matilda onto the truck!

It worked.

It was a bit touch-and-go at times, but everyone got along!

I loaded her backwards because you never want to point a bike (which doesn’t have reverse) down hill. There was a bit of a scare as the wood we got from Lowes next door broke and I had to drive back up the hill turfing the lawn. (Also, if I were to try to drive nose first I would have been screwed!

It all got locked down well and there wasn’t any drama unloading her. I just backed up to the retaining wall which was conveniently at the correct height and drove off.

Family portrait