Last week I got a big ass truck.

Today was the first time we used it in real anger.

I really wish I took pictures, but I forgot because it was way too hot when I was up there…

So I was up in the attic of the barn. The previous owners had left a lot of crap Mostly boxes. Mostly old moving boxes from when they had moved.

Yes, they were just sitting up there for roughly the past 10 years doing nothing by attracting mice and spiders.

And the occasional dead bird.

Today I went out and hauled all of them down. Ennie and I loaded all of them up in the bed of the pickup. It filled up the entire 4×8′ box (and more since where the wheel arches aren’t is wider than 4′)

That and some branches that fell off of trees in a storm.

And recycling.

All in one trip.

This is why we got a truck.