I’ve made a hell of a lot of progress with the software side of the photo project. Even though I have a lot of test data loaded into the system as it stands now it would really be a better to start to use real images from slides — as opposed to the year’s worth of photos I’ve been testing with.

Last year I built a slide scanning stand. It was a bit janky and held together with screws that were making the MDF from which it was constructed bulge in all sorts of unseemly ways.

So today I set about to build it anew!

Having a workshop is so much nicer than trying to get everything accomplished in the family room in Seattle. And I’m sure that Ennie is quite a bit happier as well.

To remedy the screw issues I fired up my Domino joiner. (Truth be told I got it because of how unhappy I was with how well it looked the first time I built this) Once I got over the hump I quickly got this assembled:

The clamp is for a bit of delimitation of the MDF so I glued it shut. I only made one too many holes that I was able to patch up without a lot of fuss.

I do have to say that the dominos are a real game changer compared to screws. Everything came together so much easier and better than with all the clamping I could possibly do.

Now I just need to re-set-up the slide scanning bit and figure out the lighting for the slide mounts.