Jackie and I went off to visit a friend of her’s in Eastern Tennessee today and we had a bunch of fun chatting and hiking through a cave and stuff… but part of that chatting was talking about politics.

They’re quite political and also quite liberal as well.

And this is when I got really taken aback.

Their liberal is very much my conservative in many ways. It really is very much from what President Obama was saying less than half-a-decade ago. Which I agree with in very broad brush-strokes.

But then we were talking about the current crop of candidates on the Democrat side and holy hell none of the people in the room really found any of them palatable. It really is a sea change from what the Democrats were talking about just a few years ago to what they are talking about now.

I think it really shows me that I’ve not really changed that much at all… it just that the ground shifted around me and I’m still more-or-less where I started off. I guess that makes me feel a bit better about me, personally. But at the same time I feel way worse about the overall state of politics in this country that I love.