I think I finally made some decisions about the built-in that I was planning. I think it’ll wind up being 10 bays of around 23 inches each, maybe a tiny bit less. I also came to the conclusion that I’ll just make the last left side shelf just a tiny bit wider than the “normal” ones. Since I wasn’t able really tell that things aren’t centered, then I guess I shouldn’t be able to tell that with shelves either.

I’m also just about ready to order a pin nailer to help put this all together.

I should have some detailed plans made up in something like SketchUp this week and then I can go on to buying the materials that I need to put this all together.

The only thing that I’ve not really figured out 100% is how the top will go on. It’s a 19′ span and the whole built-in can’t really move at once, so I think I’m going to make this as three sub-assemblies and kind of hide the differences with trim… but the top may not line up perfectly… or the floor might not even be level.

I guess I’ll get to that bridge when I do.