A swing by to Home Depot and a couple hundred dollars (and around 500 pounds of materials) later we got a pile of MDF and some hardboard.

Then, all day today, I went and took it apart to the parts I’m going to need to get this built-in built.

All of the MDF is done.

At least it’s all roughed out. The bigger pieces are cut to final dimensions. The smaller pieces are taken down to a size I can easily handle on the MFT/3 table.

Why do it there? Because with the MFT I have the ability to use production stops to eliminate the need to measure every cut. There are a lot of repeated measurements in this, so having the consistency of having to not measure will do a lot to make sure things fit together correctly.

Tomorrow: get all the pieces cut to final sizes and make a production jig to make the cutouts on the divider pieces to accept the stringers that connect them together.