I got the built-in cabinets sanded and glued up today along with sanding the shelves that will go into the cabinets. The only sawing that I need to do (that’s not related to scribing in the tops in the install and trim installation) will be to get the shelves sized for the openings in the cabinet. (They have subtly differing sizes due to construction constraints along with odd room dimensions)

Tomorrow I’ll size the shelves and get them, along with the tops, primed and ready to go. The remainder of the cabinet will be primed in-situ since I’ll need to attach some trim pieces that’ll span sections.

Once I got the gluing done I realized these boxes were all pretty stiff as they stood; I think I’m going to forego the hardboard on the back and just install it with the wall as the backing member and maybe just a couple of screws into studs.

It just feels like this is real!