The Florida room is the first to get some love in terms of making this house our own. But instead of the normal brush and roller routine, I busted out the sprayer.

To do this, of course, I need to mask.

And mask I did!

Like the pros do it.

Of course it took me a while… but the spraying was super fast!

It’s still drying down in that picture (though I still have some thin spots) but it’s super even!

The sprayer, on the other hand, was a bit recalcitrant. I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with the bit of fuckup I had with it last time… but this time even in the prime mode it occasionally decided to spray, which is 100% against what it should be doing. And it also lost it’s prime too often.

I really think I managed to get a dud somehow.

But when it was working, it was working really well! :-D