I went to Home Depot to get some furniture hole covers so I can install some wiring holes in the cabinet I just built. I got the 2-inch covers so I figure that I need to drill a two-inch hole, right?

Well, thankfully I did a test cut first with the two-inch hole saw into some scrap MDF I had left over from the build. And it’s a good thing I did because the part that slides onto the hole was loose. I mean, this wouldn’t have been a show stopper since it would still look right, but I would have been annoyed that it was loose — even if I was the only person that would have been annoyed with it anyway.

I measured it with a set of calipers and sure enough it was a few hundredths underside for a two-inch hole to be snug.

Then I turned over the package:


Two inches is 50.8mm. 50mm is smaller.

Measuring the base again, the little ridges that extend out a bit came in at 50.6mm, which is perfect to keep it snug. The rest of the base was just a hair under 50mm.

So off to Amazon to get a 50mm hole saw. That 0.8mm would have been enough to forever bug me if I had had just drilled in the two-inch holes.