I was at Kohl’s today dropping off an Amazon return — which served the purpose to get me into Kohl’s, but that’s a post for another day.

What struck me was the thousands of little displays that were all over the store that were taking the place of the price tags for everything.

These were even used for the most trivial of applications and not just for the higher-end products at the store.

Each of these consisted of a couple of banks of batteries, a dot-matrix reflective (non-backlit) LCD display, a microcontroller of sorts, and some addressable wireless module at least.

It’s a marvel that something like this is cost-effective at the scale that these are being deployed.

Looking on eBay I’m seeing these (just search for Altierre) go for around $8.00 each in larger lots.

It’s amazing that the BOM cost is that low for all of this technology!