Last week the Washington Post could simply not drop the Russian collusion narrative. They forged a link via, of all things, a connection with burgers.

Seriously? Have you nothing better to write about than bashing Trump with a fake story on how burgers are Russian or something. I made burgers on the grill last week. I like them too. Does that make me a Russian bot or something?

Seriously, drop it.

Today, The NY Times published a story that was originally written correctly.

…then, after an uproar from various Democrats, they caved and changed the story.

The new headline was “ASSAILING HATE BUT NOT GUNS.”

They then pushed out an update to their app that stated: “Trump Condemns Bigotry but Doesn’t Call for Major New Guns Laws.” I personally got that from their app. This, incidentally, is moments before I deleted their app from my devices.

As much as I hate to say it, the media is categorically fake news at this point. Most of it, including wire services, are beholden to mainly leftist/globalist interests and aren’t really interested in reporting news — they are more interested in making up the news to suit their audience.

And this is why I simply must agree with the statement that the media are the enemy of the people.

They weren’t always, of course.

But back then you had newscasts ending with “and that’s the way it is.”

Now it’s more of “and this is what you should believe.”

If anything is a threat to our democracy it is the death of the independent media.