I was writing a bit ago about the cutlist generator I was using going offline… today I have a fix for that.

So, let me take a quick step back — a cutlist is the way you cut up a large board like plywood or MDF into the parts you actually need for a project. When you have a lot of parts it becomes a bit of a chore to put it together manually since you wind up with an overload of permutations about how you can make that happen.

Of course you want to do it as quickly with as little waste as possible.

So, over the weekend, I wrote up a program that given a set of requirements will figure out how to cut up your sheet-goods in only a few seconds! I’ll have more posts about how it does it… but the first time I ran it, the genetic algorithm started making improvements, even though my implementation is a bit crap… but it can only get better from here!

It still needs a little bit of polish, like I was saying, but it’s to the point where it’s at a minimum viable product level.

My weekend project is to get this to a point where I can monetize this as yet another source of income… hopefully. :-D