The main site has had a lot of progress over the past couple of weeks and I figured that I needed to get the scanner up and running soon to get some actual, not fake, content up on the site.

I have a bunch of plans and designs and parts from before I moved from Seattle, but I don’t have the scanner’s chassis. It was a bit of a rough draft and needed a bit of work. (It’s also the reason I got the Domino joiner, but that’s another story)

Today I designed and printed the oddest part that I needed — the mount for the camera that takes pictures of the slide mounts. So it’s the “slide mount camera mount.” It needs to be canted over 30º since I have a three-spot rotor assembly. For some reason I was kind of dreading the design, but it looks like it should work. :-D

I need to get some shorter 1/4″-20 screws or cut down the ones I have… but regardless it looks like it should do the business. I have adjustability in all three axis so I think I should be able to get this dialed in just fine. I need to print out another one for the other side as well.