My neighbor to the house I was trying to sell and am now trying to rent is trying to be “helpful.”

My house has been empty for almost half a year.

Having a vacant house next to your own is not a good thing.

So what does she do? She talks about everything bad about the neighborhood with a prospective tenant for 45 minutes. Forty. Five. Minutes.

“I’m not supposed to tell you this…”

That is not a normal thing to do.

That is how you ensure that the people looking know you’re the type to corner them and not let them leave.

That is how you make sure you frame the property in the worst possible light when comparing to anything else.

This is how you weed out all of the people that will make the neighborhood better, not worse.

That is not how to treat a neighbor, even one who has moved away.

All you have to do is apply the golden rule — when you are trying to sell your own house, what would you prefer your neighbors do for you?

What? Please answer that question if you’re reading this. I’m awaiting your reply.

We’ve been approached by the property manager twice in as many weeks about the problems you are causing. Please, for everyone’s sake, including the safety (i.e. not being next to a vacant house) and property value of your own house, please, please stop it.