I just watched the Netflix Abstract on the artist Olafur Eliasson.

He’s a good enough artist… but he’s also an asshole of a high order.

He made art to sell that’s a solar cell on one side and an LED on the other with an absolute shit-ton of plastic in between.

That’s fine and all. Art for art’s sake is OK.

But the purpose is to make a lot more of these and send them, seemingly, to Africa where people don’t have electricity to supply light at night.

The same devices.

With a ton of packaging.

With a ton of plastic to make the artsy sun.

Made in China, like all of this stuff is.

Hey Olafur, don’t sprain you arm patting yourself on the back while handing out cheap lights that just pollute more than you need. Sometimes you need to allow proper industrial design to thrive instead of insisting on “art” that only makes things more expensive, more polluting, and less accessible than other alternatives.