I consider myself a lucky person on almost all accounts.

I don’t think that means that nothing bad happens to me. But it just seems that the universe is ready to provide when and where I need it at the moment.

But that begs the question: “why me?”

I was pondering this for a while. Not just today, but in general for a while.

The universe is full of fluctuations. Good and bad just happens.

This is like a crystal radio set with a diode that rectifies the incoming signals I think you need to be able to filter out the negative and capture the positive where ever it may occur.

You don’t go through life looking for a specific thing that’ll bring success, you go through life looking for things that’ll improve your life. Sometimes the least likely things will show a bit of positivity.

Grab that.

Cultivate the positive things in your life.

Make it grow.

Shut out the stuff that’s bringing you down as best as you can.

What is luck?

I don’t think luck is that special. I think so much of what is attributed to luck is being aware of the possibilities — even the ones you’re not even looking for.