I’m in San Francisco right now for work. I have to say the parts that I’ve been around now — specifically the business district, Chinatown, Northbeach, and on through Fort Mason — it’s a lot cleaner than Seattle. (Hey, I took a long walk over the weekend)

The places with tourists seem to get cleaned regularly. In a week I’ve seen only two screamers and zero tents. I only saw a single syringe cap and no syringes. I saw people sleeping in doorways in the mornings and evenings, but no tents. The sidewalks also seem a lot cleaner with all of the people sweeping everything up constantly. The field at Fort Mason was pristine, in Seattle, I would honestly expect it to be a camp.

This is really in stark contrast to Seattle. All you have to do is think of someplace like 3rd and Pine… right smack in the middle of everything tourist… and it’s a shit-show all hours of every day.

I really hate to say the San Francisco has done something better than Seattle, but hot damn, I think they have done it. I have to give credit where credit is due.

Yes, going to the airport you see tent cities and certain neighborhoods are shit… but the outward face of SF is a lot better in my opinion than Seattle.

It really makes you think about what Seattle’s been doing… or not doing I suppose.