On a stretch of Aurora Avenue North, a piece of road I’ve been on many thousands of times, on Friday a lady rolled her car and killed two pedestrians on the sidewalk as well as injured another. The two who were killed were brother and sister visiting a family member in Seattle. The injured one is their dad.

The driver, well she was high on meth and driving at high speed with her eyes closed.

Seattle, a city who has legalized meth. Well, not really legalized, but you’re neither arrested or prosecuted for either meth or heroin, so it may as well be legal for all intents and purposes.

The lunacy of the entire city government is quite simply beyond the pale. The blood of these people is on their hands. The lack of law enforcement in the city runs contrary to anything that resembles civilization.

I am just so incredibly happy that I’m no longer there. I just hope my friends can get out of there soon too.