About a week ago Ennie and I went to the local Best Buy to order a new stove. Our existing stove is a turd so we wanted something a lot better.

No problem. Go in the store, order it. Delivery was set for December 21st.

Not ideal, but OK.

Then I get a call to reschedule the installation. I picked December 7th, tomorrow. No use waiting until later, eh?

Today I get a call from some automated system to reschedule. I go online and I”m still scheduled for tomorrow. Weird.

Then later I get a call from a human. She says it’s now the 13th.

Foo. But OK I guess.

A minute later I get a call back from here. January 2nd.

What the fuck?

I go online and it’s actually January 13th.

What the actual fuck?

Home Depot it is.

Coming on the 17th.

Now Ennie’s been on hold with Best Buy to cancel the fucking order for the past half hour. She’s been hung up on at least once already.