Yesterday there was some shooting in Seattle — right as people were getting off of work.

No… not the stuff that any more laws would fix. Nope, this is random gang bullshit with a pair of 24-year-olds that between the two of them had 65 arrests. They had previously been charged with a drive-by shooting… yet still they managed to have guns they couldn’t legally possess.

One person died, an innocent bystander, and injured another seven.

But it’s because Seattle doesn’t believe in actually punishing criminals.

It’s all about fucking restorative intersection justice.

It’s as if people think that a fucking group hug will solve the world’s problems.

Pro-tip: it won’t.

Sometimes to solve problems you have to do things like put people in boxes so they won’t keep hurting people.

It doesn’t fit the mold of “well, they can all be good.”



Some people deserve to live in small boxes with no access to the outside world. In the best case they might never even leave.