We decided to go get some Mexican food tonight at the local gringo Mexi joint.

On the way we found ourselves behind someone who was driving around 1/2 the speed that people normally drive. 20-25 on a road that’s marked 40 and people normally drive 40-50 on the straight sections of. (It’s rural)

Dude pulls up to the stop sign and rolls through it.

In front of the giant white work van.

Driven by a pregnant lady.


Both us and another car stopped and started to direct traffic around the scene… but it was dark and we weren’t in the right clothes to do it.

People kept on blowing through the scene of the accident and the associated detritus that was strewn about.

I need to make sure that we have a good road safety kit in the car and truck we drive around. I hope to not need it, but fork… it would be so amazing to have had it tonight.