To cut to the chase, you’re likely going to get this.


Because this is such a virulent virus. The fact that it spreads so easily coupled with the length of time of incubation means this will continue to be around.

Look at it this way… if somehow we can eradicate this from the US by locking down for a solid month and we manage to be Covid-19 free somehow… then what? The rest of the world isn’t going to do that..

If we were to do that we’d have to close our borders indefinitely.

We would be stuck in a scenario where the average person in the US has no immunity to this. If somehow someone snuck in and started this thing again we would have no choice other than to simply lock down again.

And we can’t be in a situation where the cure is worse than the disease.

The only solution in is to get herd immunity. Until there is a vaccine (which is a long-term thing) the only way to get to that is to have everyone get it. Or enough people that the people who are at high risk benefit from the herd immunity.

Yes, you want to flatten the curve. All that does is ensures there is enough capacity in the hospitals to deal with the people that need the extra help. But other than that… we all need to get it and get it over with.

And no, like I was saying before, this does not have a 3% mortality rate.

Even if it did, we would still have no choice but to deal with it. It’s still better than having 20% of the population be homeless and starving.