I had a dream last night (well, morning to be specific… right before I was waking up) that I had to sell my place here in Nashville and head back to Seattle.

The house we had there in Seattle wasn’t the one we left. It was a bigger house, but still smaller than the one here. It was also creepy in a way I can’t quite remember.

But I do remember how sad I was to leave my home here in Nashville. Selling my tractor. Getting rid of stuff that couldn’t be used in a cramped Seattle house.

As I was waking up I realized how much I really like it here. And how much Seattle, Amazon, and all of that kit and caboodle, was winding me up into a walking talking stress ball.

I like is so much more here that I just can’t see myself moving any time soon.

No place is perfect, not that I can afford anyway, but what I have here is about the closest I can think of for me.

And for that I’m thankful.