We finally got tired of the queen-sized old bed that we had been sleeping on since we moved to Seattle.

The story of the old mattress is that when we arrived in Seattle and bought a house the old mattress that we had from Solon… well the box spring didn’t fit up the stairs. So one of the first things we did was buy a new mattress and box spring combo — this time with a split box spring. (Or, a platform more appropriately since it didn’t have any springs in it)

Fast forward a bit and it’s broke down quite a bit since we got it. It just wasn’t comfortable to sleep on — for me at least.

I asked Jackie about her bed since it’s rather comfy and she said it’s a Molecule that she picked up at Costco years back.

I looked it up last week and it was on sale for another day or so. $200 off of the normal $850. And that’s for the king sized version!

It arrived quicker than anticipated… so it lived on the floor for a few days until the bed arrived (and boy is it awkward to get up from a mattress on the floor!). That was today.

We finally have a grownup bed!

And yes, it is comfortable af.