Online there are so many discussions about the virus…

Some posts attract people who just want to say “just wait another two weeks!” I mean you can say that, but after the second or third prediction falls on its face one starts to lose a bit of credibility in their predictive prowess.

I was actually OK with the initial reaction. Pause to potentially slow the spread (which I honestly believe is a barely measurable effect, but it was an attempt) and give scientists and hospitals a chance to try to get ahead of things. Yeah, that makes sense given what we knew at the time.

But to keep beating that drum just so you can say you were right all along? That’s not based in science, that’s rooting for your “team” to be right. I honestly have no clue how people are being disappointed that people aren’t dying. Jesus Christ, has it actually come to this? I’m not talking about the economy, though of course that’s important as well, but people are lining up to dance on the graves of the “Trump-tards” who want to reopen.

“Just give it two weeks for the fireworks.”

Science, among other attributes, requires one to have testable theories, and be able to pivot as you learn more. Reality doesn’t care about your worldview, and science is a way to learn more about reality.

All that said, I’m so incredibly thankful that I moved here from Seattle. Washington has no real plan to reopen and it’s mostly based around case count. As of at least yesterday the criteria was 10 cases/100k population or something. It’s something that’s laughably impossible to hit. Even California bumped theirs to 25/100k.