There is talk around the country about defunding the police.

Where I came from in Seattle there was a legit big problem there. (I’m not even talking about now, but I’ll get to that later) In the late 90s and early 2000s there was such a big problem that the city had to enter into a consent decree with the federal government to oversee things. Coming with that you did have defunding of many of the precincts. The one that supported my neighborhood had literally a leaky roof that was never fixed.

The less you can pay your staff the more of “you get what you pay for” you’ll get with the officers you are hiring, for now, lower pay.

Oh, and everyone is paid less than the surrounding community.

What you get are the dregs of the folks coming through training. Anyone qualified jumps ship to another city. Most of whom that are left are the people you don’t want to be cops. Or want to be cops for all the wrong reasons.

That brings us to last weekend.

Yeah… that didn’t play out very well. Seattle is an absolute shit-show compared to what happened here. Visit /r/SeattleWA or /r/Seattle (long story on why there’s two) to get a look at what an inept police force looks like.

There are many reasons I left Seattle. One of which was when my house was robbed two years ago it took the police 11 hours to even bother showing up. I desperately do not want that here.

The talk, locally, to defund… To punish the MNPD for problems elsewhere is beyond stupid. It does nothing but cause more problems down the line.